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illuminatiCan you tell us what position you hold in the Illuminati? 
I`m part of the 12-man Ruling Council. There are five Americans, five western Europeans, one Russian and one Indian. We have members in every country of the world, but there are fewer than 6,000 of us in total.
People say that the Illuminati are exceptionally wealthy. Is that true?
It`s true that all twelve members of the Ruling Council are wealthy, but money, for us, simply funds our mission, nothing else. We are not worshippers of Mammon, as our accusers would have you believe. [In fact, most of what could be called the "wealth" of the Illuminati is in the form of priceless treasures, not "liquid" money. Some members of the Illuminati have acquired considerable wealth; most are not wealthy.] 
Are you intent on creating a New World Order?
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The blunt answer is yes, but not in the way our enemies claim. We are liberators. 
Liberators of what?
Of the human race. That`s our mission. To set humanity free from…sorry I must stop there.
Excuse me, why do you have to stop?
I was in danger of saying too much. I`m afraid I can`t speak freely, given the nature of the secret the Illuminati are protecting, and the power of our enemies.
Are your enemies people like David Icke? Is he exposing your conspiracy?
We are conspirators, yes, but our conspiracy is entirely benevolent. David Icke is not an enemy of the Illuminati. He says many things with which we agree. His problem is that he has not correctly identified the true enemy. His enemy is the same as ours, but he does not understand their real nature and purpose. His lizard theory is of course preposterous and discredits all of the many sensible things he says. It`s most unfortunate that a clever man has played into the hands of our mutual enemy by presenting incredible theories that no rational person could take seriously.
What do you mean by "mutual enemy"?
Icke makes many perceptive observations, but he erroneously calls the enemy the Illuminati and the New World Order and so forth. In fact, the enemy is the Old World Order - the people who have been in charge from the very beginning. They have no need to change anything because the world is already dancing to their tune. Their tyrannical dynasties have stridden the world stage for millennia. The last thing they want is a new world. Icke is correct when he identifies royal families, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, media barons, top business executives and so on as the enemy. He is wrong to call them the Illuminati. We are the very people who are waging the fiercest war against the enemy, trying to stop them choking the human race to death. We are the last and only hope for humanity. Everyone who opposes a New World Order is deluded - having swallowed the deceptions of the enemy - or is actively in the service of the powers that be: the Old World Order.